Alice Monaghan, born Cheltenham UK, 1992 


Privacy, Politics, the Media and the Internet are the four key areas of focus in her practice. In updating the critical model of artists such as Jenny Holzer and Fiona Banner for a post millennial/digitally savvy audience she uses redaction techniques to highlight the presence of absence. The intention is to offer the audience a private moment removed from technology to reflect on these things and on self-identity in relation to such automated and widespread forms of dissemination.


The work requires a level of concentration and thought to decipher, a contrast to dominant use of contemporary technology, which demands attention, urgency and speed. She mainly works with paper or materials that are tangible, delicate and echo the fragility of life.

The colour choice is always deliberate. Black is suggestive of printed media, political documents and is a colour associated with secrets. The work takes an approach to minimalism, where “less equals more” functions as an aesthetic statement rather than the present sense of “de-cluttering”. This suggests to the audience some of the apparent simplicities of life before new media.

Alice is driven by a desire to find her own space outside the social noise of contemporary digital media and one that could consider our individual roles in democratic debate and need for social change.


Studio based @NauArts Cheltenham 

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